Periodically the choir runs choral workshops led by well-known visiting conductors and all are invited. The joy of singing, in unison and in harmony, has become stylish and popular again, with many newcomers joining choirs. The workshops offer anyone the chance to revisit the skills they loved exploring in their youth and unleash their inner performer.

What’s more, singing can even boost your mental health! Researchers from the Oxford Brookes University carried out a survey of people who sang in choirs, sang alone, or played team sports. All three activities yielded high levels of psychological well-being – but choristers stood out as experiencing the greatest benefit. So joining a choir is a good idea and our workshop is a great place to start or to rekindle your singing ambitions.

Local soprano Catherine Hamilton ran a workshop singing Haydn’s Seasons. She has been actively involved in all aspects of music in the area, including her role as vocal adviser for Cornwall. In 2016 Brian Kay led a workshop on Great Choruses from Great Oratorios and his own work Dances of Time. In 2017 Jonathan Willcocks’ workshop featured Faure Requiem and his own Sing Africa. Well over 100 singers attended each time from far and wide.

In September 2018 we welcome Bob Chilcott to take the lead.