South West England’s Premier Choir

Founded in 1970, our 150-plus members perform a variety of music in Plymouth and elsewhere in the country and abroad. We have won widespread acclaim and concerts often include world-class soloists and musicians. 'In the top 10% of amateur choirs in the UK' says internationally renowned tenor and choir Patron Neil Jenkins.


Given the ongoing situation with Covid-19, with regret, it was decided that we will have to cancel all rehearsals and remaining concerts for the forseeable future.

We’re so sorry to pass on yet more disappointing news to you all, but it is of course essential that the choir continues to follow Government guidelines in order to ensure the safety of our choir, MD and accompanist, musicians, soloists and of course our valued audience.
So, for now, we wait ……


PPC performing with Daniel O’Donnell

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We were invited to sing with Irish superstar Daniel O'Donnell. See a gallery of photos from the evening on our Facebook page.

Feature article gives a glimpse behind the scenes at the Phil.

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The Herald produced a splendid feature about our choir interviewing our youngest and one of our oldest members. They have an age difference of 75 years! It also reveals just…


Our 2019 choral workshop with David Lawrence was a huge success, and we have asked him to return in 2021. For those who weren’t there, we thought we’d share some of David Lawrence’s advice on singing technique … and also some of his wit …!!

  • Open the back of your mouth wide and say “The space at the back of my mouth”, then sing as if you were singing out behind you. This opens the pharyngeal space, whereas singing forward creates a constricted space and forces the voice.
  • David got us to sing a closely harmonised phrase from the Little Jazz Mass with our eyes closed to emphasise the need to listen to each other – this was really effective.
  • David encouraged the altos to use their controlled vibrato to add richness of tone when singing forte at the top of our range – this earned us a round of applause.
  • Don’t drop your head when singing a low note and use the same face whether you’re singing high or low in your range.
  • To improve our diction, he got us to sing with our finger in our mouth and make the tongue work harder.
  • When you breathe in, imagine wearing a belt of noses around your waist.

It is no wonder that, under the direction of Christopher Fletcher, the Plymouth Philharmonic Choir has become recognized as one of the best in the country.

Feedback from recent concert

I've never been to a concert like this before and didn't think I'd like it. They were amazing!

Feedback from recent concert

The highlight for me was the duet between the counter tenor and the soprano. Magnificent.

Feedback from recent concert

What a lot of effort everyone puts into it, and it really shows.

Feedback from recent concert

Very, very, very nice.

It was a badass concert!!!

Feedback from recent concert